(Intro: D G D G)

        D                                        G
Well I hear they're singing in the streets that Jesus is alive!
     D                              G
And all creation shouts aloud that Jesus is alive!
     D                                  G
Now surely we can all be changed cause Jesus is alive!
    D                             G
And everybody here can know that Jesus is alive!

    Bm7                        G              D                   A
And I will live for all my days   to raise a banner of truth and light
   Bm7                        G           D
To sing about my Savior's love   and the best thing that happened
Was the day I met (you)

               D       G              D
   I've found Jesus,      I've found Jesus!
G              D       G              D         G
   I've found Jesus!      I've found Jesus!

        D                                      G
Well I feel like dancing in the streets cause Jesus is alive!
    D                                G
To join with all who celebrate that Jesus is alive!
     D                                G
The joy of God is in this town cause Jesus is alive!
    D                                G
For everybody's seen the truth that Jesus is alive!

          Bm                         Gmaj7
Well you lifted me from where I was, set my feet upon a rock,
Humbled that you even know about me.
    Bm                          Gmaj7
Now I have chosen to believe, believing that you've chosen me;
Em7                           G
I was lost but now I've found...